Sensitivity Reading

Representation Matters

Many people’s lives are regulated by people with misconceptions about their experiences. We aim to increase representation of underrepresented communities by providing our expertise to authors who don’t experience these things so that they can write about the experiences authentically and respectfully.

Reducing Stereotypes

Authenticity reading helps bring multiple dimensions to characters so that they don’t rely on the harmful stereotypes we tend to see currently.

Validating Experiences

Many people feel isolated in experiences that are common for marginalized communities because they don’t see others with similar struggles. We aim to help bring those experiences to light so that others may see that they are not alone in the world.

Create Community

We see fan communities building around many franchises. We want to help create characters and books that can bring people with shared experiences together.

Change Opinions

Many marginalized communities deal with microaggressions that come from seeing other human beings as very different because we don’t understand them. We aim to help people see and understand more experiences so that there can be more empathy for people that aren’t the same as us.

Spread Empathy, One Story At A Time

This is our mission. We aim to achieve that in authenticity reading by:

Giving Voices To Underrepresented Audiences and Authors

By making more authentic experiences, we hope to allow for more people to feel heard in media.

Humanize People Othered By Society

There is often an us vs them mentality in society. We want to help people connect over the things we have in common as humans and not continue to push away people who are different from ourselves.

Add Depth To Characters

In authenticity reading, we want to take characters that represent marginalized communities and help the author demonstrate the multiple dimensions that exist past the labels.

Areas We Cover

Due to our own life experiences, we offer the following areas for authenticity readings.

Chronic Illness/Disability


Being A Woman In Tech/Gaming Spaces

Abuse Survivor






Complex PTSD and PTSD