About Us

We are writers trailblazing our own way in the industry. Our mission is to bleed empathy into everything we do. Here, we focus on stories of hope in the face of adversity, acceptance in a world of judgement, and pride in diversity.

We help give a voice to authors of fiction that is not as popular in the mainstream. We seek stories of hope, love and growth surrounding non-traditional lifestyles

Sensitivity Reading Experts

Our unique experiences in life make us each expert in the ability to assist authors with their stories that depict taboo subjects. We can assist you through tough scenes, taboo topics and writing the other.  

Bex Rasmussen

Bex Rasmussen is a poet, writer and author of the short story “Uncharted Cosmos” appearing in the Salt City Genre Writers anthology; “Stars Are Fire.” Bex is a lifelong history nerd, and amateur historian focusing on ancient myths and civilization. She draws inspiration for her Sci/Fantasy writing from history and the stories it can teach us. Bex lives and works from her home in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah with her husband, two daughters, and three Chinese Cresteds. When she is not writing, researching, or parenting, Bex enjoys arts and craft projects with her daughters. She is also an amateur book binder.


Missy O’Neal

Missy wanted to be a writer for as long as anyone in her family can remember. Her love of fairy tales has translated into a love of romance and fantasy stories. She now brings them to life while helping people see into her experience as a disabled writer. She edits for Miss Geek Bunny and writes for the International ADHD Coach Training Center blog. When not writing, Missy enjoys video and table top games and reading mystery along with romance and fantasy.


Why Empathy?

The pandemic has shifted the way humans interact with one another. A lack of empathy for our fellow human seems to be smattered across the news pages and across the globe. It’s polarizing, and it’s creating a rift for those of us who feel so intensely for our fellow hominids.

We know the industry can be unforgiving, and we seek only to advocate for those whose voices are not being heard. Our mission is to bring queer literature, advocacy for disabilities in literature, and offer support to authors struggling to get their non-traditional fiction out into the world.